The main purpose of our project is promoting a healthy lifestyle in various aspects and areas of life. As we have experience relevant to the work, we will be able to successfully achieve the project’s objectives with the benefit not only for our school but also for the local society and the region. Health promotion is currently a top priority, therefore, International cooperation opens up new horizons and gives new perspectives on challenges of the contemporary world. This way, we wish to present to our pupils, their parents and local community the importance of healthy diet and physical activity as well as the benefits of such attitudes. The benefits resulting from the attitudes and the habits shaped in the course of the project implementation may bear fruit in the participants’ future.
Accomplishing a number of planned tasks and activities will encourage the participants to lead a healthier lifestyle and will also give them an opportunity to reflect on their behaviour, as a “healthy school” means not only the physical aspect but also a friendly, non-violent school which is always open to problems and helps when and where it is needed. Moreover, ┬áparticipation in the project will familiarise the pupils with customs and traditions of the member countries.