European Union and Erasmus+ knowledge quiz

The oldest students in our school entered the lists to check their knowledge on European Union and Erasmus+ programme. The competition was organised by a school Erasmus+ team under EuropeDirect wings. During the closely fought competition teams of three students from each class of 6th year had to face wide variety of tasks. The representatives of class 6d – Mateusz Lucinski, Gabriela Kempinska and Adam Piec won the quiz and were awarded attractive prizes.

Let’s change our lives for better !

Sometimes to change something in our lives we need encouragement or just a simple guideline. That is why we organised a meeting with a dietician and a fitness trainer for our students and their parents. Both of the invited guests gave a short lecture about healthy eating habits, healthy and unhealthy food and the importance of physical activity in our everyday life. The participants of the meeting took part in workshops prepared by the dietician and the fitness trainer.

Growing herbs at school

A herbal garden was another challenging task for the students. Yet, they accomplished it successfully. Soon, window sills in the school canteen turned into herbal gardens. Weakly, each class had to take care of the plants and water them. This way, all the students and teachers could use the herbs the students planted and eat them with their sandwiches or lunch to give their meals more flavour. The students also understand that planting and growing herbs at home doesn’t have to be hard work and that their parents could use the plants in the kitchen on daily basis.

European Union and Erasmus+ talks

To make our students more aware of European Union, its structure, functions, goals and partner countries we invited Mrs Monika Migaj, a EuropeDirect representative, to meet our pupils. She presented all mentioned earlier issues and talked to the students, answered their questions and encouraged them to actively participate in the project tasks realization. She also agreed to take an organised by our school European Union Quiz under EuropeDirect’s wing.

A little bit of project dissemination

To keep all the school and local community informed about ongoing Erasmus+ project in our school we decided to put a large banner on the front wall of the school building. We also set Erasmus+ board in the main school hall. Except for that we disseminate the project in the local media including Radio Eska Ostrow/Kalisz and magazines Kurier Ostrowski and Nasz Rynek. There is also a facebook profile and school website of the project where we update all the information.