The school is divided into two teaching units:
Mechanical technical school with 11 classes and 246 students
Industrial school with 12 classes and 271 students.
In the technical school students are educated in four-year courses. After acquiring general education, mathematical and information technology skills and the thorough knowledge of natural phenomena and laws, students can continue their education in the field of technical scientific areas, primarily in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science. Most teachers of technical subjects who work at the school are our former students who found their workplace in our school after graduation, Among them is the school principal Ivan Adrić, BSc. ing.
Some of our former students are now famous prominent businessmen, university professors, PhDs, athletes and artists. Generations of teachers and employees embeded their knowledge, patience and dedication into their education .
The common goal of education for all crafts is to enable students to independently perform their activities.
The school has 59 employees. Theoretical teaching is performed by 36 teachers and practical education by 7 teaching assistants. 517 students attend our school. The students are divided into 23 classes. The students are educated in a four-year technical courses and three-year industrial technique courses. The four-year educational courses include a computer technician for mechanical engineering, mechanical engineering technician, technician for vehicles and technician for energetics.
A three-year industrial occupations are CNC operator, assembler and interpreter cutting and deformation assembler and interpreter and crafts courses are car mechanic, plumber, car body mechanic, heating and air conditioning fitter and gas installer.

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